June 19, 2023

Why Hire a Financial Advisor?

Chelsea Wilsey, Director of Business Development
You’re a part of the financial industry, work with a professional to get the most our of your savings.
Why Hire a Financial Advisor?

At Upbeat Financial, we love getting this question. We’re here to help you navigate your financial landscape and future and if that means we’re not the right fit, that’s ok. Our biggest hope is that everyone who comes to our site, reads our blogs, or has a conversation with us leaves feeling more confident about themselves and their financial livelihood.

Here is the most important piece we want our current clients and future clients to keep in mind- you’re a part of the financial industry. Every day you make decisions that impact the global economy, that impact your future livelihood, and future generations’ livelihoods.

Despite this reality, many people are left in the dark when it comes to what they can do with cash, savings, property, taxes, etc. At Upbeat Financial, we want you to feel secure in yourself as a member of the financial industry. We feel that this is the reason why it’s best to hire a financial advisor, but to keep it simple, below are some of the main reasons to consider bringing an advisor into your world.

Expertise: Financial advisors are professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of finance. They can provide valuable advice on a wide range of financial matters, including investing, retirement planning, tax planning, and estate planning.

Objective advice: A financial advisor can provide objective advice that is not influenced by emotions or biases. They can help you make informed decisions based on your specific financial situation and goals.

Timesaving: Managing your finances can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially if you have a complex financial situation. A financial advisor can help you save time by taking care of the details and providing you with a plan that meets your needs.

Customized solutions: A financial advisor can provide customized solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and goals. They can help you create a financial plan that takes into account your current financial situation, your future goals, and your risk tolerance.

Peace of mind: Knowing that you have a professional looking out for your best interests can provide you with peace of mind. A financial advisor can help you navigate complex financial situations and provide you with a sense of security about your financial future.

Something I want every individual to ask themselves before coming to talk to a financial advisor is this- would you sell your house without a real estate agent? Would you represent yourself in court? A Financial advisor serves the same function. They help you, with tools, resources, experience, and expertise, to create a more meaningful financial landscape that supports both your current and future self.